Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How About a WWII Hawker Hurricat Strategy For Special Forces With Jet Man Wings?

Back in World War II Britain was being challenged by German U-boats preventing supplies from getting in, and because it was unable to trade with the rest of Europe the people had to severely ration their food supply. Luckily, the United States was able to send convoys of ships with supplies, but unfortunately they were also being sought by the German U-boats, and later German bombers.

Since the British didn't have any aircraft carriers, and even if they did they wouldn't last long with German U-boats submarines around, they had to come up with a plan to prevent the German bombers from attacking those ship convoys bringing armament and food. What they did is they took a Hawker hurricane and mounted it with a rocket motor so it could take off from a rail attached to a slingshot catapult from a ship. The aircraft would rev-up, ignite the rocket motor, and they would initiate the catapult.

The aircraft would then use the rocket assist to quickly gain altitude and the aircraft would then go after the German bombers. They called this the aircraft; The Hurricat. The aircraft would then have to land back in the water and ditch, but every time he shut down a German bomber it saved the convoy of supply ships from destruction. Okay so, what if we took this basic strategy and used it for Special Forces operations?

What if we took Navy SEALs and strapped on "Jet Man" wings on each one of them, allowed them to take off from a rail system very similar - then fly up to altitude and 10-15 miles to where they needed to be, and then pulled the parachute? This would allow them to fly into dangerous areas very rapidly, and since the Jet Man wings are so small they would hardly appear on radar, and very difficult to shoot down as they are so maneuverable. This would get them into where they needed to be to do what it is they need to do.

Such a system could be mounted on a very small assault vessel, a small destroyer, or even on the outside of a submarine. Although the extraction might be a more difficult strategy, this would allow them to get in without the use of helicopters, and at a very rapid speed. It could perhaps be a brilliant tactic if it were played correctly. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it, and if you have any comments or questions please shoot me an e-mail.

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