Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Practices for Enhancing Military Logistics Strategies

Military logistics strategies are based on the idea that a working navy is only as good as the equipment that they have available. This is more than just supply lines and getting equipment to the sailors that need it; it is making sure that the equipment that they have is the most up-to-date and that it works. This is not only necessary for success, but the lives of those that must use the equipment; a faulty valve can not just wreck a valuable piece of equipment but also kill. Because of this there are several strategies that can be employed to ensure that people have the equipment that they need.

The most basic logistics strategy is to maintain a solid inventory. This means that a ship's quartermaster must be aware of his ship's inventory, and what it lacks according to the ship's manifest. He must also allow for estimated need; if the ship is going into battle, he must have additional spare parts for the weapons as well as ammunition. By maintaining his inventory, and doing precisely, he is able to meet demand before there is a demand. More to the point, the more quartermasters that do so allow the fleet quartermaster to better allow for demand himself; this means that he will not need to emergency order anything and that the logistics officer has a simpler job maintaining a good running delivery system.

Supply lines must also be clear. This can be an obvious problem during battle, but this can be a problem when your targets are constantly on the move. This means that you need to either keep your bases over-stocked, or that you need a way of precisely estimating when your ships can be stocked as requested. A ship that is delayed because it is waiting on a shipment can be bad, especially if it needs to be somewhere else. It is simply more efficient to know where a ship will be, and then make sure that the shipment gets there just ahead of the ship.

By following these strategies anyone in a working navy can be assured that they have the best equipment available, and equipment that they are proficient in its use and maintenance. Some of these may take time and changing of attitudes in order to implement, but that is effort well spent. More importantly, it helps increase the likelihood of any mission being successful, and with minimal casualties, which is precisely what the best military logistics are based on.

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