Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sea Cadets - A Great Place For Young Adults to Learn Leadership, Skills, and Service

The other day, I met an advisor, soon to be running a program for the Sea Cadets. This is a group which is a U.S. Navy auxiliary group which helps young kids learn about seamanship, the Navy, and the Coast Guard. If you are unfamiliar with this group you should go to their website and check it out. Further, if you have teenagers in your family and you are looking to help them learn the ropes, literally, and learn leadership, skills, and the value of service to our nation, this group comes highly recommended. Not only by the U.S. Navy top brass, but even us Navy Brats who are now all grown up now.

The Sea Cadets are not the only group of this type. If your kids would like to learn about aviation, rather than focusing on sailing, ships, and the marine industry then perhaps you might introduce them to the Civil Air Patrol which is a U.S. Air Force auxiliary group made up of civilians, and many retired U.S. Air Force folks, and they help look for lost aircraft, and groom young men and women for a career in aviation, or perhaps a military flight contract. This group is also highly recommended, by me, because I was in it in my youth.

In fact, they helped teach me how to fly, and we learned all about the history of aviation, and went on field trips to aviation manufacturing facilities, museums, and even got to go to military bases to take a look at the latest and greatest technology of the day. It is this fascination with aviation which helped propel my career and even my first business; washing airplanes.

Indeed, I have a friend who has a son and he is in the Sea Cadets, and he was able to go on an old-fashioned sailing boat in Southern California. It is like a sailing museum, literally. It has changed the boy's life. He's now more interested in school, engineering, math, and science. His grades have drastically improved, and it seems like that's all he talks about. He builds models of ships and boats, similar to when I was young building model airplanes.

There is a whole new world out there to explore for our young people if they will just take the time to get involved. Sometimes it helps if their parents know more about these things. The Experimental Aircraft Association has a group called the Young Eagles. The Boy Scouts have the Aviation Explorers, The Police Explorers, and other groups which are similar. There is no better time to start than when you are young, and it certainly gives you an advantage over the rest of the field. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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